AdTech New York 2010. A webdeveloper opinion and impressions

came to New York last week and attended to the 2010 edition of AdTech. Besides the usual networking and conversations with people in the Internet Marketing and Social Networking business, two things I could highlight:

1 – The hype on Mobile apps and advertisement. 2 – The interest in to new markets overseas (Asia and Latin America, specially Brazil).

On the first item there was many presentations about the subject and I was impressed with the high level of technical skills those apps had. One in particular caught my attention. It’s an XDK to develop mobile apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I quote them here: “The XDK is the world’s first cloud-powered mobile application development environment. For anyone who has tried to create a mobile app using the tools provided by manufacturers, the advantages of a single, always up-to-date development system are obvious”.

At AdTech, I saw many companies interested in develop new markets and sell products at Latin American countries. Many of them already do business and deal with the regulations and shipping costs that are sometimes prohibitive to a lucrative business. I think there’s a great opportunity for international business companies that understands the “modus operandi” and culture from those countries to achieve great success representing American companies and doing all the logistics they need to sell products at local markets.

If you are interested in doing Internet Marketing and shipping your products to Brazil, I may be able to help you. Just drop me a line and lets do some business.